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8 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Company

Christin Rose | ChristineRose

You’ve been so busy working IN your business that you’ve barely got time to strategically work ON your business. Help is here!

Whether you intend to one day sell your company to family, a management team, or on the market, this session will give you the information, the strategies, the techniques, the hacks to really fight back and ensure that you get a fair and full price for your business when you go to sell it.


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What is Personal Branding and Why It’s Important

Karen Etchells | Innovast Digital Marketing

With the massive presence of social media and online communities, establishing yourself as a resource within your niche is key to standing out. However, doing so comes with challenges. What marketing direction should you take? How to communicate your values? Where to focus your efforts? Elevating your Personal Brand will work to build an audience, position yourself as an expert, and use the connections you create to nurture a steady stream of qualified leads.


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Planning to be Your Best as You Navigate Change

Rick Cram | Rick Cram

Join Rick on a deep dive into the first two leadership strategies: Prepare and Listen.

“PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST . . . As You Navigate Change” is a proven framework of strategies and disciples to overcome the challenges associated with change so you can effectively plan and lead your way to achieving any goal.


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The Authority Triangle: Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Noticed

Angela Heath | TKC Incorporated

This session provides a framework for establishing yourself as an authority in your field. While experts are paid well, authorities are paid more. While experts CAN GET attention; authorities ATTRACT attention.

This session shows you how to avoid the “imposter behaviors” that are being taught by many coaches. It guides you to connect with your true genius and S.H.I.N.E.


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Don’t Follow Your Passion: An Optimistic Chat about the Future

Daniel Greenwolf | Daniel Greenwolf

What does a Professional Magician know about business? That’s a good question. It’s possible he’s not totally sure himself. But he does know about taking an obsession and turning it into a career, and why it’s both the worst and best idea you can have about starting a business. Confused? Well, that’s what he does. But we’ll clear things up in this talk about business, passion, flexibility, and obsession.


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Anchoring Your Clients to You: How to be the Company of Choice

Nancy Butler | Above All Else

If you and your competition had the same product, the same service and the same knowledge at the same price, why should the client choose you/your company?

You need to have stand out value. Nancy will not only explain what stand out value is, but how to get it.

In this session Nancy will show you many low-to-no-cost ways to stand out against your competition and be the company of choice.

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Using Data to Drive Decisions

Tarletta Williams | Black Dragon Marketing

How do you determine digital success? Impressions, likes, purchases, revenue? Now, how do you use that information to determine how to change for the future.

During this session we will do a deep dive of how to use past performance, analytics and a little bit of strategy to create continuous improvement and improved performance.


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