“I took the concept of ‘yoga studio owner’ to a new level with my unique and creative mobile yoga studio”

About the Speaker

Hi! My name is Steph! (aka: Rollin’ Yogi)
I took the concept of “yoga studio owner” to a new level with my unique and creative mobile yoga studio–The Rolling Mat!

My goal was to bring the empowering and uplifting vibration of yoga outside the 4 walls of a studio space–right to your corporation, or event.

Anyone who has tried yoga knows flexibility is a big factor in strength. As my business grew, I saw opportunities to expand and be flexible to the challenges we currently face.

I now offer services for corporate wellness, corporate yoga business mentorship, and training on setting up virtual wellness platforms.

Stephanie Mitchell

The Rolling Mat

Workplace Wellness

Satuday 2:45

Wellness is on the rise, especially in the corporate world. More employers are taking into account the importance of mental health and team comradery among their employees in order to rebalance the productivity and overall happiness of their work environment.

I will be sharing valuable insight from my experience of being out in the field as a corporate wellness provider in this virtual age as well as statistics and testimonials from business I’ve worked and connected with.

Furthermore, conferences invite me as a speaker because:
1) My approach is not just a “sit and listen”. It is an active engagement where each audience member is given vocal guidance to see and feel the effects a wellness program can have for them and those they work with.

2) I offer a motivational approach and mindful strategic tools that are easily implemented into personal and professional life upon leaving the event.

3) Participants will leave with a personalized practice that will enable them to better manage their personal and professional stresses.

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