“Would it not be better to be the influencer instead of the influenced?”

About the Speaker

Health and Wellness has been a lifelong process after having Crohn’s Disease for over five decades. The research, connections, and the science for natural alternatives led to becoming free of disease. Hypnosis became a major ‘mindset and behavioral’ solution for controlling pain, healing of the mind and body.

Dennis Paul

Chronic Wellness International

Is Hypnosis in Your Business Future?

Saturday 4:00

Gut problems, immunological disorders, anxiety and stress, trauma, performance… oh the list goes on in the challenge to become Totally Human. Every person we work with as a client or a customer, including ourselves are constantly influenced by a wide variety of media, TV, radio even your mother.
Would it not be better to be the influencer instead of the influenced? To this point health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, chiropractors, medical practitioners, and more may integrate Hypnosis into their practice with the Tools from my Toolbox.

Included in the program “How to start a Hypnosis Business” the details of setting up your business, certified and accredited training, keys to Client Attraction, client personality assessment and more delivers an unparalleled formula for Results! Results for your Clients, Results for You, Results for Your Hypnosis Business

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