“On a Mission to redefine the way leadership is viewed”

About the Speaker

Sunny is one of the best speakers you’ll ever have at your event. Married to his University Sweetheart, they are blessed with three boys and a beautiful girl. This Project Management Expert and Leadership Coach will cover Leadership Development while showing how Human Resourcing and Remote Work interrelate with Planning Success via apt People Management. His passion for productivity will drive teams and executives to higher performance through ethics, adaptability to crisis, Change Management and understanding Climate Change – his Keynote Speeches deliver palpable motivation.

Sunny E Isuekebhor

Sunny E Isuekebhor

International Keynote Speaker, Leadership Expert & Preacher

The Sunny Leadership Revolution

Saturday 5:15

As the pandemic broke and this Speaker observed the the poor leadership that met it in government and corporate circles, his passion for leadership sent him on a Mission to redefine the way leadership is viewed, the way leadership speeches are delivered and the way leadership training is done.

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