“If you are trying to get a raise or promotion, increase your personal brand awareness, or look to get elected to an office, this session will set you on the right path.”

About the Speaker

Tonya McKenzie is a Los Angeles County Commissioner, an author and public relations consultant by trade, a child advocate by choice. Tonya’s firm, Sand & Shores PR works with civic, educational, law enforcement, and political organizations to help them gain more positive publicity and media attention that they need to grow their businesses, their public reputations and profitability.

Tonya McKenzie, the public relations and leadership consultant, started her career campaigning and being elected as a Senator at California State University, Northridge (C.S.U.N.) As an Associate Executive Director at the YMCA, Tonya co-authored the FIT Kids Manual for the Contra Costa Health Services. Mrs. McKenzie was the first African American elected to the Oakley Chamber of Commerce as a Director. Tonya served as an appointed member of the Youth Council for Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover. Tonya was elected and is currently serving as the first African American women elected to the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors and serves on the City of Redondo Beach GPAC (General Plan Advisory Council) shaping the esthetics of this beachside city for the next 20 years. She is the president of the North Redondo Beach Business Association, Vice president of Black Public Relations Society – Los Angeles, and recently appointed to the city’s Crisis Council in the midst of the Covid crisis. Her body of work with chambers and business associations has shaped her into an advocate and valuable resource for small businesses and community organizations.

Tonya McKenzie, the queen of conversation, can be found highlighted in the pages of Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century. She has four kids, including a set of twins and a college basketball player. Mrs. Tonya McKenzie is the author of a memoir titled, A Child’s Memories of Cartoons and Murder, addressing non-combat-PTSD, predatory behavior, generational dysfunction and domestic violence. This is the story of her survival of gun violence and sexual assault.
Mrs McKenzie is the host of My Morning Coffee Podcast with Leiutinent Gia Neel of the LA County Sherriff Department, digging deep into some of the most complex issues affecting our communities and our culture. She has culminated her work with the nonprofit, private and the public arena to step out and speak up for the empowerment of women, the future of our children and disadvantaged youth. Tonya prides herself with being able to simplify complex issues through conversation.



Tonya Mckenzie

Sand and Shores PR Leadership Firm

LLEAD the Way to Success

Sunday 1:00

The Sand & Shores Leadership model displays an easy to follow method of establishing and utilizing your underdeveloped skills to express your thought leadership and authority at your company, with your business and in your community. If you are trying to get a raise or promotion, increase your personal brand awareness, or look to get elected to an office, this session will set you on the right path.

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