“I know that procrastination is the killer of progress”

About the Speaker

Carlos Parks is a father and husband who wears many hats but none more important that being a servant. Carlos has overcome many hurdles in life and uses his experiences to inspire others.

Carlos recently spoke in his first TEDX. He is a mentor and activist, sitting on the board of various Non-profits. Carlos just came home from 17 years of incarceration and has rebuilt his life.

Carlos Parks

Carlos Parks Speaks

Having a Winning Mindset

Sunday 2:15

There is never any better time to talk about how you think than now. I don’t believe in putting things off because that can be seen as procrastination and I know that procrastination is the killer of progress. Having a winning mindset is not only knowing these things, but believing them and doing something about it. Winners act while losers stall and avoid things. If you want to be successful in life, then you have to make the sacrifices that successful people have made.

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