“Playing small does not serve the world, who am I not to be great?”

About the Speaker

Angelia Williams, MS is an award winning Professional Vocal Coach, Mental Skills Coach, and Mental Health Advocate for Creative Individuals. She holds a Bachelors in Music with a concentration in voice, a Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching, and is currently working towards her Doctoral degree in Philosophy with emphasis in Performance Psychology. She is the owner of The Voice Studio of Angelia Williams and the Epiphany Consulting and Coaching Agency, and her coaching philosophy includes the importance of addressing the entire human being (body, soul, and spirit) for optimally positive outcomes. Due to her unique coaching approach, Angelia has been featured on Bravo TV, CBS, Fox, and CNN outlets.

Angelia Williams

Vocal Coach/Singer/Songwriter

A Positive Attitude Can Change Your Life!

Saturday 5:15

A positive attitude can change your life! Often times, our negative perception can create undue roadblocks on our road to success. Trauma, environmental factors, and a lack of self-efficacy can all hinder you from becoming the best you that can exist. However, a change of perception and attitude can propel you into optimal performance and results that are long lasting!

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