“She’s always full of energy and excited to share what’s she’s learned”

About the Speaker

Tarletta is a multi-passionate creative with disciplines that span countless domains. When there’s something she want to know, there’s no stopping her from getting a book and figuring it out.

She’s always full of energy and excited to share what’s she’s learned to help others in their entrepreneurial life cycle. Starting with tutoring and moving into digital media and data analysis there’s no telling what will come from her next!

Tarletta Williams

Black Dragon Marketing

Informed Data Decisions

Satuday 2:45

This session is all about turning data and tech into a usable information that can influence the way you attract new customers, plan new campaigns, and improve your marketing strategy.

We’ll be doing a review of what’s behind the data in the reports we see everyday; not only what the numbers are, but what they’re trying to tell you.

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