“This is for entrepreneurs who are wearing many hats during high growth periods of their business.”

About the Speaker

My name is Louis, and I’m the co-founder of Media Garcia. We are a growth agency that works with small business owners in setting up and optimizing their marketing and sales systems so they can grow easier.

Our agency exists to build a worldwide inclusive economy where all small businesses thrive. I got my start in the marketing tech space as an IT worker at Target. I was with Target for 11 years and while I was there I started a web development business as a side hustle.

While working for Target I played numerous roles within the IT and Business Intelligence departments and became very interested in how we could continually improve processes and use data to make choices to yield greater results in outcomes and efforts around the goals and priorities.

Four years ago, it came time for me to go off on my own and to leave Target and to turn my side hustle into a full-time business. I took on co-founders and have grown the team and currently we are a five person team.

During my own transitions from part-time side-hustle, to on my own team of one, to a growing team – a Customer Relationship Management tool, otherwise known as CRM, was and continues to be critical to our business growth and success.

Media Garcia specializes in onboarding companies to CRM, creating marketing strategies for growth, and building websites that engage and convert visitors. Our efforts are usually oriented towards increasing website traffic, increasing lead conversion rate, or increasing customer acquisition rate for our customers.

Louis Garcia

Louis Garcia

Media Garcia

Growing With Ease

Saturday 4:00

This is for entrepreneurs who are wearing many hats during high growth periods of their business. We will look at how to build processes and use technology to delegate and automate entrepreneurial activities. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult career/life choice, we are out to make it easy.

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