“LinkedIn is an underutilized tool for business owners and entrepreneurs – but why?”

About the Speaker

Erin Andersen is Your Brand Networker! She helps her clients get seen digitally as a Career and LinkedIn Business Coach based in Atlanta, GA. , but will soon be moving back to NYC. She focuses on helping small business owners effectively build a LinkedIn strategy that organically attracts traffic to their profile. She also coaches on building content that sells and engagement strategies that reach their target audience.

For the Career Coaching side of her business, Erin focuses on helping her clients successfully transition across industries and helping corporate employees transition out of toxic work cultures.

To cater to each of her clients needs, Erin offers private 1:1 coaching services, low cost memberships, 90-minute profile and content audit sessions, and LinkedIn monthly management services.

Text LINKEDIN to 21000 to get her digital business card
Erin offers free 30-minute consultations that can be booked with this link: calendly.com/erin-morgan

Erin Andersen

Erin Andersen

Your Brand Networker

The Power of LinkedIn

Saturday 1:30 PM

LinkedIn is an underutilized tool for business owners and entrepreneurs – but why?

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. other social media platforms.

You’re ready to optimize that LinkedIn profile now, aren’t you?

Other social media platforms don’t provide the room to show and explain your credibility – a.k.a your personal branding of how you stand out from your competition!

LinkedIn is the place to to get seen digitally.
Join me to learn the top ways to improve your presence on LinkedIn!

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