“Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Noticed.”

About the Speaker

I am a lifelong entrepreneur, speaker and trainer, CEO for TKC Incorporated and Dean of the Virtual Speaking Academy. I have created two businesses and won five national awards for my clients creating signature programs. I wrote three books in five years to launch my first company. I became an instant authority and traveled the country speaking and training. So can you.

I closed my first business after 20 years because I choose not to work while my son was being treated for leukemia. I was forced to discover ways to re-boot and take my skills online.

Now, I am building my current company using books, virtual summits and public speaking strategies. As a consequence, I have spoken and trained virtually in many countries across the globe.

Angela Heath

TKC Incorporated

The Authority Triangle: Get seen, heard and noticed

Sunday 4:15

This session provides a framework for establishing yourself as an authority in your field. While experts are paid well, authorities are paid more. While experts CAN GET attention; authorities ATTRACT attention.

Which are you, an expert or an authority? Do you want to continue to ascend the authority triangle and get recognized more and more for your thought leadership?

This session shows you how to avoid the “imposter behaviors” that are being taught by many coaches. It guides you to connect with your true genius and S.H.I.N.E.

Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Noticed.

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